is an improvised piece divided into 5 movements.

It is inspired by the term osei, a Japanese concept developed within the practice of Seitai. The word has its root in two Japanese words: oo (respond) and sei (faculty or quality).

Osei is based on the idea that each person responds to different stimulations in the form of 5 spontaneous movements. Each movement is connected to a biological activity and a psychic activity.

We, Duet Claudàtor, take these 5 spontaneous movements, the 5 osei and we explore them using pre-composed ideas and free improvisation. We take a certain movement as a starting point and use the psychic activity related to it (for example, being sociable) to construct a piece of music. The final result is the 5 movements of [osei] experienced live by our audience. We move, we listen and, most importantly, we let ourselves react spontaneously.

“Life is movement. The absence of movement supposes death.” – Katsumi Mamine (teacher of the practice of Seitai)



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